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Peace upon all of us,

Welcome and thank you very much to the stakeholders and to all who have visited our website.

With pride and joy we are trying to present to all of you about our company to get to know better about this company which now reaching the fifth years of its existence.

KPSE exist carrying and holding the assignment and message from PT. Krakatau Posco as the shareholder to dedicate our work and effort in developing the community welfare esepecially those who are nearby the factory of PT. Krakatau Posco and those who are in Cilegon area in general through the CSR program with education, skill training, entrpreneurship, environtment protection and disaster quick respon.

We believe that the positive energy we spread will attract the roll and the support from all figures who cares and has same intention which is implementing the community welfare through real action. May God bless all of our effort.

At the end, we are waiting for your greetings for our improvement in shaping our good intention and effort.


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