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The shareholding of PT KPSE SERVICES INDONESIA is 99,91% owned by PT KRAKATAU POSCO and 0,09% owned by PT KRAKATAU POSCO ENERGY. The investment in share of PT. Krakatau Posco was a donation money at 1,4 billion Korean Won from KOICA and Posco 1% Sharing Foundation. The mission of KPSE are as follow:

1. Eridicate poverty and food shortage.

2. Creating the continuity environtment.

3. Creating global partnership for the people welfare.

4. Decreasing the number of unemployee for the youth by creating social networking.

5. Setting a basic economy environtment improvement regionally by supporting business make over and by delivering Entrepreneurship training.


More about us 

Referring to the social vision and mission and the establishment purpose, the main focus of KPSE is recruitment of direct labor from local people in the area of Samangraya, Deringo, Kubangsari, Tegal Ratu and Banjarnegara based on as the Social Belt for PT. Krakatau Posco in empowering local people especially high school graduated youth to get oppotunity in working.

Beside recruiting and hiring young human resources from the local community, KPSE also giving opportunity for them in developing themselves through a series of training in physic and mental training, discipline training, character building and technical skills. The training is dedicated for those who are un-skilled and we put it as an obligation for them  to follow the training. During Monday to Friday, they are working as common worker. On Saturday, they are having various training for self development.

Through the working experience and the training program, we hope the youth who come from the local area would have working experience, discipline working ethic and skills which can be useful for them in working where ever they are. In this case, KPSE is contributing in creating sustainable working space and develop it with the new human resource graduated from High School level.


Business Scope

The KPSE business activities are:

1. Sludge Dredging

2. Waste Refractory Sorting

3. Waste Wood Sorting

4. WCC Management

5. Grass Cutting

6. Road Cleaning

7. Dust Cleaning

Courtesy of Posco 1% Sharing Foundation